Sake Consultancy can help you…

Sake Consulting can help you in temporarily Management Support.
The people of Sake Consultancy are well educated and have a lot of experience in the fields of Fire Fighting: Fire Prevention, Fire Fighting, Policy and Projects.

SAKE consultancy

Consulting in the fields of:

  • Research

  • Policysupport

  • Effective Company Management

  • Conflictmanagement

  • Fire Prevention

  • Multidisciplinary Plans

  • RI&E firefighting

SAKE interim 

Interim staff for various fields:

  • Middle and Senior Management




October Thursday 6th and Friday 7th
Fair “Fire Fighting Experience” (Brandweer Experience)
Location: Enschede The Netherlands


Sake is a Consultancy for effectively solving Problems at Local, Regional and Fire Fighting Organizations and other Emergency Services in all phases of the Safety Chain. Sake is made up of two Disciplines, namely Sake Consulting and Sake Interim . Both individually and collectively contribute to the Employees of Sake to the Improvement of the Quality of Service of Clients.